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Alchemy of Thoth Hermes Enoch and Metatron

Alchemy of Thoth

Alchemy of Consciousness and the Codes of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch and Metatron

In 2009 I was guided to bring forth a new program of Alchemised Waters.  This powerful Alchemical course works with the four stages of Ascension through Thoth, Hermes, Enoch and Lord Metatron.  I delivered this program to a small group of people but it appeared the timing was not right. I only offered the Alchemy products and not the course itself again until now.

Yesterday, the date numerologically coincided with my Soul vibration I was guided to offer this course again.  Not being able to do it in person because I am about to head off on my travels, I was guided to how it can be done by you.  I give you the tools to Alchemise the waters yourself with the energies of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch and Metatron.  Now, I am once again able to offer this most important series of Alchemical Consciousness Shifts.

A large component of my work has been on hold for some years waiting for Divine Timing.

For this part of the Mission, the time is NOW….

Alchemy Waters

One of the Key components of my Mission is to offer my Alchemy Waters of which I have quite a selection. The problem is I am always on the move and naturally I cannot be travelling with a large kit of Alchemy Waters with me.  This new guidance has given me the answer of how I can get this most powerful and important work out there.  I will soon be formatting the changes to all my Alchemy Range.

For now I am offering the very powerful program at the special price of just $44 for a limited time.

Alchemy of Consciousness

Codes of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch and Metatron

The Ancient Egyptians were very much into magic, astrology and alchemy. They focused on achieving immortality and eternal life. Alchemy in dictionary terms means transforming something common into something precious.

It has been said that Joseph, father of Jesus was a Master Craftsman. This has always been understood that he was a carpenter. And while that he may have been, it is also possible that he was a Master of the Craft. A Master Alchemist, as was Jesus. This is how he was able to achieve the things he achieved.

What they knew how to do then, was to transform consciousness to that of a higher frequency and , this is Alchemy of consciousness.

The roots of alchemy date back to The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. In Greece Thoth was called Hermes the Magician, his real name being Hermes Trismegistus.

Thoth, the Ibis headed god of Ancient Egypt, was considered to be a part of the Zep Tepi, the creation gods who came to the planet as Giants and who lived before our recorded history and even before the pyramids.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, written by Hermes Trismegistus is the first document written on alchemy, and is thought to have been found in Hermes tomb by Alexander the Great.

Ancient Egyptian alchemy was about magic, magicians, and priests.

Thoth and Hermes who were also Merlin and later Zoroaster (Magi) the magicians who created a reality based on electromagnetic energies, duality, polarity, magnets, magic, and sacred mathematics ( patterns that repeat in the spiralling concept of time).

Enoch, a later incarnation of the same energy, lived 365 years and had mastered the alchemistic knowledge of longevity. He was known as the initiator. The first Enochians were the Essenes that were forced into the desert and set up at Qumran where they buried their texts with the secret alchemical knowledge in a cave that was discovered in 1947.

Enoch wrote books about the Sacred knowledge that repeats in cycles throughout time. Enoch is known as the one who walked with God, and when he ascended he became Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron is the most supreme of all angelic beings. He is known as the scribe of heaven. His Latin name is “metator”, which means guide or measurer. He is said to be the head of creation, and the “servant or the “body” of the shekinah” (the divine feminine). When we align with metatron we are aligning with the purity of the all that is and become the pure channel for the highest light available to us on the planet today.

The Alchemy of Consciousness is a Program that supports and begins to accelerate your ascension process. For the full benefits the program must be followed in order beginning with Thoth from the beginning of time, followed by Hermes, Enoch and completing with the Mighty Metatron. Once the full program has been completed you can take any of the waters to activate the codes you are aiming for but the full program must be completed in order the first time.

This is a very powerful Program and comes complete with an downloadable Activatory Codes that includes the Sounds, language and Codes of the Initiator.

The Masters of Alchemy


Enhances Wisdom and Learning and assists one to access the Higher Universal Mind.  FREE CODES OF THOTH HERE


Encourages versatility and mutability assisting you to be able to do many things.  Accepting great changes easily. Perfect for adapting to the Global changes.


The holder of Sacred Knowledge.  The Enoch Alchemy Waters assists one to open to the Keys of knowledge you have long forgotten.


Divine Truth

There is a passage in Exodus which refers to Metatron. 

“Behold I send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way and bring thee unto the place which I have prepared.”

Going Deeper into the Alchemical aspects

I received an email enquiring as to how the Alchemy Waters work… what an awesome question!

This gave me the perfect opportunity to explain it deeper to you….

Infusing the Sound Codes into the Water

What happens is the sound recordings when used as directed, will transfer the sound codes into the water.  The water then holds the light codes within it.  Then each time you take the water as directed you bring the light internally into your body.  This works through the cells of the body allowing consciousness to raise in a direct manner.

Alchemical Water Heals!

Raising Consciousness in every cell of your body!  Remember our bodies are composed of nearly 90% water, so water heals, water awakens, water is Alchemy!

Yes, it also helps to support the ascension process and give you a bit of a kick start! We are bringing the light and sound frequencies into the body.

You have to follow the directions carefully to get the true effects because naturally it is not the same as me alchemically programming them directly.  But, it is the same frequency and therefore, no reason it cannot be done.

My feeling is that it will be even more powerful!

That reason is because….

You are taking charge… you are taking the power and putting the work into making sacred waters. Normally people would buy them from me and yes they have to take them, but it is still relying on me to make them and send them off to you.

In this way we work as CO-CREATORS. I give you the directions on how to make them.  Next, you make a sacred ceremony to do it and then the power behind it is connected more directly to your higher self!  Your spirit self and then anchors them through your human self.

It’s a win win relationship!

By raising the frequencies from the inside out you can also help heal your PHYSICAL BODY!

Have you signed up yet???

I’m excited just writing this!

Read More Here and receive your FREE Codes of Thoth

Lord of Karma

Lord of Karma

Saturn the Lord of Karma

Saturn the Initiator and Lord of Karma

In my previous post I touched on the Saturn return, which in turn had me wondering more about Saturn and his qualities.  Saturn is masculine in nature so I feel quite ok about calling it a “he”.    I sought to know more…….

Standing at the Gates of Initiation overseeing our tests and challenges, he is known as the Lord of Karma.

When we look at Saturn in our birth chart we can see where we feel the most inadequate.  It’s our weakest point so to speak.  It’s here we can find what it is that we need to strengthen or heal.  Our lessons through Saturn are discipline, practice and commitment and if we can stay true to this Saturn will reward us far beyond the power of any other planet.

Saturn is not just the Lord of Karma

Saturn doesn’t make things easy for us; he is the taskmaster of the zodiac, the initiator, the Lord of Karma commanding us to work hard.  He expects us to be disciplined and responsible and to manage our time well.  Where Saturn resides is where we experience restrictions and delays on our path.  Because of this he is also known as:

  • Father Time or the God of Time
  • God of Death
  • The Grim Reaper
  • Dweller on the threshold

The dweller on the threshold refers to the self-created hodgepodge of the misuse of our individual free will over our many lifetimes.  This misuse of power in past lives has taken on an identity of it’s own.  This identity competes with our Divine Mission we incarnated to achieve.

I wondered who is the dweller on the threshold, is it the same as the negative ego? According to my research its effects are lessened in intensity and even transmuted by prayer, meditation, purification and loving and self-less service to humanity. This makes me see there is some similarity.

Ruler of the Throat Chakra

Saturn is also the ruling planet for the throat chakra.  My understanding of the throat chakra is that this is where most of our challenges lay as we try to squeeze our way through the bottle neck to the higher chakras. It is indeed a challenge to pass through this centre.

In simple terms, if we can overcome the challenges of our throat chakra we can embrace and live our truth as we continue the journey upward into the higher chakras.  I can see how this is so like the qualities of Saturn.  So many of us hold a great deal of fear in the throat.  We find it almost impossible to voice our true self. Below I discuss the position of Saturn in relation to the other planets and how this corresponds to the throat chakra challenge.

Saturn in Astronomy

In astronomy we learn that Saturn is the furthest planet visible from Earth. Saturn’s rings represent limits, bindings and boundaries.  They symbolise the Laws of Karma.  The position Saturn holds in space tells us that a person cannot incorporate the energies of the furthest planets into his consciousness until he passes the test of Saturn.  The furthest planets are: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  We must prove ourself capable of holding energies of the more evolved state first.

Saturn, as the Guardian of consciousness clearly shows his corresponding role with the throat chakra.  We can’t awaken to the higher potentials of the higher two chakras of the brow and the crown, until we passe the challenges at the the level of the throat.  So, now we see him as the Dweller on the threshold.  Below him is the bridge back into to the lower world and above him is the higher knowledge.  We cannot reach that world until we have paid our dues to Saturn the Gate Keeper.

Saturn in the Tarot

In the Tarot Saturn corresponds with The Hermit (The Guide or Spiritual Teacher), The Devil (Capricorn) and The World (Completion or Time).

In our birth chart it’s our ego that keeps us in fear and therefore creates delays and blocks us from moving forward.

Saturn and our Health

Saturn governs the skeletal system, skin, teeth, gall bladder, spleen, and vagus nerve in the physical body.  Making major decisions like getting married, buying property, having children, starting a business or accepting a promotion or some form of leadership role.  The spine or backbone is our support for our physical body.  Our fears can rise and that gives us more opportunity to deal with our Saturn challenges.

Dis-eases of Saturn are those induced from the cold, old age, melancholy or depression.  Dull aching pain and conditions of fever with chills and shivering like malaria.  The damage of Saturn’s illnesses leans toward wasting of tissue.  These include:  arthritis, rheumatism, depression, TB, colds, chills and flu (and all illnesses that involve muscle fatigue, difficulty in breathing and watery discharges from the nose and eyes), strokes, paralysis or palsy, bruises and dark marks, chronic illnesses, coughs, dropsy, starvation, morbid fantasies, fears and nightmares, gout, gangrene, haemorrhoids, defects to the hearing, leprosy, miscarriage, scabbiness, scabies and lice, infections of the skin, and illnesses arising from poisons or damage to the spleen, teeth or bones.

The Spiritual Gatekeeper

Our second Saturn return happens between the age of 55 – 59 when we move into the spiritual phase of our life.  This is a time of service to humanity working Saturn’s energy in a positive way.

The life crisis situations Saturn bestows upon us brings us ample opportunity for growth and spiritual evolution through the restrictive nature of Saturn and the painful experiences that come with that.  This gives us the opportunity to balance out our past karma and we awaken to a more “conscious self”.

Check out your birth chart to find where your dharma/duty / karma lies.  this is where you can expect to find your tests of restriction and disciplining of self to arise.

Once the path of discipleship has been achieved, the advanced individual passes onto the Cardinal Cross.  Here, they say Saturn cannot follow.  This is a higher level of consciousness whereby the Laws of Karma have been completed and incorporated into oneself.  Saturn as the Gatekeeper, opens the gate and the initiate passes through.

It helps if we can understand that life’s lessons are not meant as punishment, but as learning.

Saturn the Great Spiritual Teacher would suggest that we seek to understand him and all he places on our path.

Watch out for my next post on Saturn!

Infinite Blessings be upon you



Saturn Return – Do you understand it?

Saturn Return

Approaching your Saturn Return

I was having a discussion the other day with someone who is approaching their first Saturn Return.  This got me to thinking that I don’t really understand much about it, so I decided to have a little look.

I’ve often heard people mention that someone was in the midst of their Saturn Return with the inference that it could be a tough time.  So, this is all I have really known about it; that Saturn Return equals probable tough time.

When is the Saturn Return

Our Saturn return is when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it was in at the moment of our birth.

I’ve always thought it began around the age of 28 and apparently it does start having an influence around this time but you can actually have your exact dates calculated through an astrology chart.  It may not reach it’s exact spot until around the age 29 or 30 years of age for the first Saturn Return and then we have a second Saturn Return around the age of 59 years.  Some articles say our second Saturn return is around the age of 56 and the general guide is that is occurs every 28 years. But that is a little too general, so checking in with an astrologer is probably a good idea to find your exact dates.

What is the Saturn Return

So now we know that every 27 to 29 years Saturn completes a full orbit around the sun and then returns to the exact spot it was when we were born.  He, if we can call him he, is known as the Lord of Time or the Lord of Karma.  During this time period which lasts 2.5 to 3 years, we come up against our blocks and our obstacles and have to push our way through them.  This is the time when all the mistakes we made in the previous 28 years come to the surface and we get the opportunity to turn them into positives.  Being fully present and understanding this is a good idea because if we don’t listen to those lessons as they present to us, and face them, we can expect the tough reality that what we refuse we cannot just diffuse!  If we want to be the master of our reality, then this is the perfect time to work at it like a master!

Growing Up through your Saturn Return

If you have been whiling your 20’s away partying or just cruising along not really taking life for what it has to offer you, reaching your first Saturn Return serves like a wake-up call.  Leaving it to the last minute to decide what you want to be “when you grow up” seems to hit you in the face around the age 27-30.  It’s time to pick a path, or choose your own adventure to take you where you have to go.  It’s growing up time.

I was already married and a Mum when I went through my first Saturn Return and pregnant with my second child.  I do remember really worrying at this stage.  I worried about everything, whether I was really up for the job of being a good Mum, whether I had what it took to give enough love to two children.  But I wanted to be the best I could at it and so I threw my all into being a Mum, reading everything I could to be sure I would get it right.  Of course there is nothing like experience and fully observing your children to know how to be a good Mum, but whatever help you can muster up to educate ourselves on what has worked for others and what hasn’t is a good idea in my opinion.  But, really when it all boils down to it, you know your child better than anyone else, therefore being fully present with your child is the best thing we can do for them.  And, no two babies are ever the same, not even from the same parents.  What works for one does not necessarily work for another. I was facing all my fears of not good enough while pregnant and in the first couple of years.  I do think I passed some of those anxieties on to my son.  Hmmm maybe hold off on babies during your Saturn Return!

Understanding your Saturn

If you don’t know what sign your Saturn is in, you can look it up by doing a free online birth chart.  It also looks like a good idea to take some tangible steps to master those qualities in your Saturn sign and learn about how it aspects with the other planets in your chart.

I’m heading for my second Saturn Return, hence my particular interest right now, so I think what I will do is get a journal and take the time to learn about what this Saturn Taskmaster is expecting of me this time around.  I’m going to look at Saturn in each of the four elements and get to know the qualities of Saturn and make friends with Saturn.  I’ve already checked out what house it is in for me and so I have a guide now of how to understand it some more. I will also get some more guidance from my personal astrologer next time I have my chart done up.

From what I can see Saturn sees through our excuses and laziness and asks us to step up and become more disciplined.  Saturn is serious, I can see that and if he is the Lord of Karma and I’m now aware of him, then I’m not going to mess with him. I really want to master this phase so, I’m going to do my best to really understand what is coming.  I’m always keen to strive to the next level of me, seeking greater mastery in all that interests me.  My Saturn is in Capricorn, so already I can see why I am the way I am.  One simple piece of information has given me greater knowledge about myself.  That in itself is a key to greater mastery.

Bringing awareness to the path

It all feels very much like a long dark night going into our Saturn Return and it seems it can leave us feeling washed up and disillusioned.  But at the same time it can be a time of liberation, freeing us from more baggage and giving us more clarity and a greater sense of purpose.  It certainly sounds like a great period of time to take hold of the opportunity to learn and grow with awareness.  Don’t hide under the covers!

What we all need to remember, whether it be our first, second or even third Saturn return, is that everything is temporary and even if it hits us hard, it will pass and we will come out the other end stronger, wiser and ready for the greater degree of mastery.

The more I read, the more I want to know.  I’m no astrology expert but I think I’d like to follow all my personal Saturn cycles as they come up in my chart.  I’m already feeling what greater degree of understanding this can bring.  I’m all about awareness and the best advice I can give anyone who wants to understand more about this awesome experience on the path we are walking is to learn about yourself first.  Learn about what it is that you are personally experiencing.  And also it’s never too late to learn about what you have already experienced.  Looking at what you have already been through can give you so many aha moments that puts the wisdom into the experience for you.

Be your own case study; true understanding comes when you can add your personal relationship to the experience.

My Second Saturn Return is coming up in February 2019 until November of the same year, so I’ve got a couple of years to study up on me and see where it takes me.

Finding your Saturn Return

Find your natal Saturn sign by looking up the date on or before your birth on the table below.

You can find a Saturn Return calculator by simply Googling the term.

Dec  2, 1926 Sagittarius
Mar 15, 1929 Capricorn
May  5, 1929 Rx Sagittarius
Nov 29, 1929 Capricorn
Feb 23, 1932 Aquarius
Aug 13, 1932 Rx Capricorn
Nov 19, 1932 Aquarius
Feb 14, 1935 Pisces
Apr 25, 1937 Aries
Oct 17, 1937 Rx Pisces
Jan 14, 1938 Aries
Jul  6, 1939 Taurus
Sep 22, 1939 Rx Aries
Mar 20, 1940 Taurus
May  8, 1942 Gemini
Jun 20, 1944 Cancer
Aug  2, 1946 Leo
Sep 19, 1948 Virgo
Apr  2, 1949 Rx Leo
May 29, 1949 Virgo
Nov 20, 1950 Libra
Mar  7, 1951 Rx Virgo
Aug 13, 1951 Libra
Oct 22, 1953 Scorpio
Jan 12, 1956 Sagittarius
May 13, 1956 Rx Scorpio
Oct 10, 1956 Sagittarius
Jan  5, 1959 Capricorn
Jan  3, 1962 Aquarius
Mar 23, 1964 Pisces
Sep 16, 1964 Rx Aquarius
Dec 16, 1964 Pisces
Mar  3, 1967 Aries
Apr 29, 1969 Taurus
Jun 18, 1971 Gemini
Jan  9, 1972 Rx Taurus
Feb 21, 1972 Gemini
Aug  1, 1973 Cancer
Jan  7, 1974 Rx Gemini
Apr 18, 1974 Cancer
Sep 17, 1975 Leo
Jan 14, 1976 Rx Cancer
Jun  5, 1976 Leo
Nov 16, 1977 Virgo
Jan  4, 1978 Rx Leo
Jul 26, 1978 Virgo
Sep 21, 1980 Libra
Nov 29, 1982 Scorpio
May  6, 1983 Rx Libra
Aug 24, 1983 Scorpio
Nov 16, 1985 Sagittarius
Feb 13, 1988 Capricorn
Jun 10, 1988 Rx Sagittarius
Nov 12, 1988 Capricorn
Feb  6, 1991 Aquarius
May 21, 1993 Pisces
Jun 30, 1993 Rx Aquarius
Jan 28, 1994 Pisces
Apr  7, 1996 Aries
Jun  9, 1998 Taurus
Oct 25, 1998 Rx Aries
Feb 28, 1999 Taurus
Aug  9, 2000 Gemini
Oct 15, 2000 Rx Taurus
Apr 20, 2001 Gemini
Jun  3, 2003 Cancer
Jul 16, 2005 Leo
Sep  2, 2007 Virgo
Oct 29, 2009 Libra
Apr  7, 2010 Rx Virgo
Jul 21, 2010 Libra
Apr  7, 2010 Rx Virgo
Jul 21, 2010 Libra
Oct  5, 2012 Scorpio
Dec 23, 2014 Sagittarius
Jun 14, 2015 Rx Scorpio
Sep 17, 2015 Sagittarius
Dec 19, 2017 Capricorn
Mar 21, 2020 Aquarius
Jul  1, 2020 Rx Capricorn
Dec 17, 2020 Aquarius
Mar  7, 2023 Pisces
May 24, 2025 Aries
Sep  1, 2025 Rx Pisces
Feb 13, 2026 Aries
Apr 12, 2028 Taurus
May 31, 2030 Gemini


When is your Saturn Return coming up?

I’d love to hear of your personal Saturn Return experience.

Infinite Blessings


Etheric Retreats and Invisible Temples

Etheric Retreats and invisible temples

Back to visiting Etheric Retreats and Invisible Temples

The days are nearing for Christmas and my energy is swirling with my upcoming plans to move house.  Well, actually I am not moving house, I am moving.  I will be packing up and narrowing everything that I have down to a suitcase.  I have a friend who will house a spare suitcase of clothes and maybe a couple boxes of my extra special things that I don’t want to get rid of but apart from that, I’m just going.  At the moment there won’t really be anywhere to come back to that I call home.  Luckily for me my heart is my home and like the song says “where I lay my hat that’s my home”.

I have no idea what’s in store for me but it is time for a new chapter and I will be focusing on rebuilding my Spiritual Tours opportunities for those who wish to be aligned with the Etheric Retreats of the Masters .  My tours are not just visiting places but that of course is always an adventure and an awakening event in itself.  My gift is that I can transfer the energies to you through an energy immersion process while also giving you the individual Light messages and encoding that is specifically you in relation to each etheric retreat.

Etheric Retreats and Invisible Temples

My Dad used to joke to me that I was always off visiting invisible temples and he is right I do visit etheric retreats and invisible temples.  I also visit physical temples too though!   However the invisible temples are the ones that hold the power behind my work.  So far I have mainly focused on the Etheric Temple of Ascension in Luxor, Egypt which is very much in direct connection with my ascension work.  But, I have also visited the Etheric Temple of Resurrection over Jerusalem several times.

Crete and the Etheric Temple of Truth, I have only been to once but will soon be revisiting as my first stop off before I head back to Egypt, land of my Soul.   In Egypt I am going to be focusing on setting up a Retreat and Healing Centre while also continuing on with my awakening tours.  I have one tour already set to go for 8 days on the Nile  and after that I will be heading off to Darjeeling in India.  Darjeeling will be a brand new experience for me and I am so looking forward to sharing all about that and the reason I am going.  Darjeeling is the home of the Etheric Temple of Good Will.

With Darjeeling under my belt, I will then be heading off to Sri Lanka for another Etheric Retreat Visit to the Etheric Temple of Comfort.  This will also be a new experience for me.  The visits won’t stop there but I’m not sure how many visits I can fit in in my 6 months.  I want to be in Australia for my boys birthdays in June and July and then I will be heading off again to somewhere new again and also back into Egypt, home of the intended LUXOR Light Sacred Immersion Centre.

I simply love the Etheric Retreats and Invisible Temples!

I hope you will follow along with some of my blog sites, I have lots of them!  One for whatever you are interested in.  And then again I have a general mail out if you would like to join that and stay in touch with what I’m up to.  I try to send out once a week, but of course if I am travelling sometimes it may be less.  My blogs however are always up to date because it’s just not in my nature not to share the moment I have experienced something new.  I simply love to share the energies as I travel and offer lots of opportunity to receive healing and energy upgrades from Sacred Sites.  I’ll tell you more about that another day….

You can sign up here if you like, I would most certainly love to be in touch!

Infinite Blessings




Bradley Will Thank You!

Bradley Will you're awesome

Thank You Bradley Will, You’re Awesome

For the last 30 days I have taken part in a challenge to write a blog every day for 30 days.  In the beginning it was a challenge as I sat and pondered on what to write.  But then all of a sudden I shifted into another space altogether.  I simply began to write and found myself pleasantly pleased with what the final writing came about to be.

I learnt something about me each time I wrote.

Thank you Bradley Will of Learn to Blog, you certainly have a way about you.  You are a natural leader and way shower and it is almost impossible not to do as you suggest.  You take the lead and it seems to work a bit like a magnet;  you say and the next you know I’m doing it.

Bradley Will you keep it real!  That’s the key to your awesomeness!

I’m certainly no entrepreneur and I didn’t take the challenge on for any reason other than to get some content on this site and to own the human in me a little more.  I think I achieved that and the blog will grow with me as I grow.  I’m not pushing anything, just going with the flow.  I do hope to learn a little more about the technical side of things in the new year but for now I’m more than happy with what I have achieved.

So Bradley, what am I going to do next?  Thanks to you, I’m going to use the momentum I have to focus on my book that I have been trying to finish for some eight years.  I’ll be watching and reading your emails and taking part when I can again in things you have to offer, but for now my focus is going to my book.  Every time I start to procrastinate I will remember this challenge you set us and know that all I have to do is follow your lead.  I guess this challenge is not complete for me yet until I do finish that book, so I shall let you know when I do that!

Thank you Bradley, you are awesome and may your magic keep on inspiring many many more!


Burning the Candle at Both Ends

burning the candle at both ends

Imagine burning the candle at both ends

When I woke up this morning I still felt tired, it was an hour before the alarm would go off so I decided to prepare my energy bodies and get some clarity on my day ahead.  Then my mind went to today, day #29 of the 30 Day Content Challenge.   I could feel every fibre of my body tingling and the frazzled feeling running through my central column acknowledging that I have been burning the candle from both ends.

Burning the candle from both ends!  I was in visual mode and the image began to amuse me so I went deeper into it.  I kept the visual alive and went deeper to feel the feeling of burning the candle at both ends.  I saw the flame at my crown chakra and the base chakra and let the flame burn all the way up to meet at the heart centre.  At the meeting point my body surrendered and shuddered with the feeling and the flame stayed burning in the heart gently bringing me to a place of stillness and calm. Heat in the heart centre and the calming influence had me up and out of bed and on to the laptop to finish this day #29 post.

Tomorrow will be the last post and then I am going to do my best to stop working.  Stop my out of bed then into bed drop load of 15 hours or so.  I’m taking time for me to focus on Christmas and my family.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

With only ten days to Christmas and 16 days til the end of the year, I’m dedicating all of that to learning how to have more balance and more time for me.  I want to go into the new year with ease and grace, with focus and with clear direction.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for too long;  so long in fact I have forgotten me in the mix.  I know so many of us do this and even though in most cases it feels impossible to stop doing for others when that is your nature or you are a parent, carer or compulsive doer of some sort, but join me in acknowledging that you have done a great job this year.

You deserve a rest, you deserve some fun and commit today to you.

Get a notebook and begin to place some thought into how you can give more time to you.  Think about how you can change even one small thing that will in turn open the door to more commitment to yourself giving you enough time to keep the flame alight but not burning the candle from both ends.

Imagine now that you are in fact burning the candle from both ends.

Let the candle burn all the way to the meeting point at the heart and then stay in the warmth and stillness of the flame until is gentle subsides.

Know the candle continues to burn but the flame is gentle and fueled by your breath of calm.  It burns for love, it burns for peace, it burns for tranquility, it burns for you and the very nature that gives you the space to love and nurture yourself.

Anytime you find you are overdoing it, come back to the image of burning the candle at both ends and let it burn out with conscious intention so you don’t have to burn out emotionally, mentally and physically.

Become conscious of the process and take control.

With this I say “Happy Peace Flame to you”


Christmas Chakra Tree

Christmas chakra tree

Light up your Christmas Chakra Tree

The best Christmas I ever had was one year when my Mum gave me the reprieve to not have to turn up to the family gathering.  Every year of my life I had Christmas with my family.  But it always went haywire.  I don’t drink therefore it was always hard from me to handle it when people got a bit under the weather.  One year Christmas was going to be at another family members place where alcohol would be the main attraction.  I was secretly dreading the whole event when my Mum rang and said “you don’t have to come to Christmas”.  You have no idea how much I wished I could have wrapped my arms around my Mum right there and then.  She said it will be too hard for you and there is no need.  You do what you want to do.

I couldn’t have not had Christmas without my Mum and Dad unless they gave me that leave pass.  But my son had suffered severe teenage depression for 3 years and he hadn’t been involved in Christmas for all that time.  Every Christmas was heartache for me knowing that and feeling his pain, coupled with having to put up with drinkers.  My many apologies to the drinkers out there but I’m sure you will understand.

So, Mum gave me that Christmas off and I planned a beautiful day with just me and my two sons.  My daughter was off somewhere overseas doing her own thing as she tends to do so it was just me and the boys.  I was excited about Christmas for the first time since I don’t know when and I set to planning a simple inexpensive but love filled Christmas.  Christmas in Australia is summer and it was hot.  We had a pool at that time and what might be considered boring to others was the most awesome Christmas I have ever had.  And, my son came out and had Christmas too for the first time in years.  Now that was the best Christmas a mother could possibly ask for.  He embraced his Light that Christmas and has continued to light his spinal tree ever since.

Christ on Mass

Christmas is about Love and for me Christmas is about holding the light, the calm and the stillness.  Christmas is about acknowledging the energy of Christ on mass and being able to be in that energetic space to be able to receive greater influxes of light and to birth the light of the Christ within ourselves.  The story of the birth of Jesus is a reminder to always rekindle the flame of love and light within.

Every year on Christmas day we have the opportunity to dedicate this day to re-birthing Christ Consciousness within ourselves.

Christmas Chakra Tree Meditation

The days leading up  to and including Christmas day I like to dedicate to special meditation to prepare for the Great Light of the Christ to lift us up into higher realms of consciousness.

Imagine the spine as your own Christmas tree, and imagine each chakra being lit with the great light of it’s individual essence and be sure to keep these lights alive and beaming in readiness to receive the Divine Love.

Decorate your spinal tree with the lights of your chakras as glittering stars and blossoming lotuses, peaceful white doves and angels of love.  

Allow the Light of Christ to guide you and to open to receive………………

When you decorate your own physical Christmas tree dedicate every decoration to the Lights of the spinal column (chakras) of your loved ones or simply allow it to go where it is needed.  Keep your intentions pure as you Light up your Christmas Chakra Tree and share the Love at Christmas.

Christ Mass, a time for sharing our Light and keeping the intentions of Love while sending it out on mass to the world and all of humanity.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love and Light



Triangle of Mysteries


Mysteries within the Triangle

Yesterday, my boys and their girls both turned up at the same time for a visit, knowing I’m heading off today and we won’t see each other til Christmas.  A conversation started with my youngest son’s girlfriend about a party they had been to for a family friend.  Only two days before my daughter had posted a photo we had taken of me and the girls.  She had tagged their names and posted it on Facebook.  Ruby, my youngest’s girlfriend said at the party her friends had excitedly asked her how she knew Grace, (my eldest son’s partner).  As it turns out Ruby’s family were close friends with with the family of the boy who had the party and Grace’s parents were also close friends with them.  (Can’t remember exactly how it went) The girls were filled with excitement at the realisation that until meeting through their boyfriends they were seemingly strangers.  And now they find they had already been connected before they each met my boys.  Both families come from very different areas of Western Australia and both families have now been united by the link of both my boys.

There seemed to be a triangle between two families and two daughters and my two sons.

The web of life and how we are drawn back to those we have known in past lives must surely show up in connections like this.  My kids come from Dongara, Grace comes from Perth and Ruby comes from Esperance.  If you drew a triangle between you would cover 2,140 Kms distance.

What are the odds?  What links us all together I wonder?

Triple G Triangle

Grandmother, Grandson and Grace

I was having dinner with my eldest son and Grace last night and Grace told me my son had said  “I never have to worry that my Nana has gone because you are just like her”.  I giggled as she told me because I too have thought my eldest son is just like my Dad and his girl Grace is just like my Mum in so many ways.

My parents have gone now, but our triangle continues through the Grandson, Grace and me.

God, Grant and Grace

Another 3G Triangle

Just over six years ago I received a text message from my son to pick him up from Fremantle.  He didn’t have a license at the time and I was Mum’s Taxi service.  I think I had already done a few rounds that day and I said to myself “Oh God grant me Grace” as I got back into the car once again to go and pick him up.

On the way, I received a phone call from an unknown number.  I picked up the phone (a friend was driving).  “Hi, my name is Grace, I’m a friend of Grant’s.  He has no credit and wants to know when you will come?”…. I was gobsmacked…  God grant me Grace and he did and she is the most beautiful girl any mother could want for their son.  What a blessing!   She is truly god’s grace.

Wisdom of the Grandmother

The Universe works in mysterious ways.

On Mothers Day this year, my second Mothers Day without my Mum.  It was just me and my Dad together one month before he passed.  He was in deep grief and I was trying to be of some comfort to him.  My youngest son rang me to say Happy Mothers Day.  “Mum, I have a girlfriend, her name is Ruby, we started going out today”.  What a blessing … thanks be to my Mum, clever girl from the other side I’m sure.  Mum always made sure my Mothers Day had something special.  It was always my Mum that set up pressies pretending they came from the kids, just so I didn’t miss out.  She created a triangle.  She was the link between Mother, Child and gift or blessing, she always completed our triangle.

This Mothers Day blessing was extra special.  Not that he had a girlfriend as such but that he told me the very day they decided to go out with each other and it just happened to be Mothers Day.  So, both my boys girls are blessed reminders of the Love that was and always will be my Mother.  And there is a link between their girls and their mothers.

Grandmother, Mother, Girls Mothers another triangle.

Symbolism of the Triangle

Wherever we look there are triangles.  Within the triangle we can find the answer to many mysteries.

Symbolically, the vertical side of the triangle represents one aspect of in idea or a query, the horizontal side represents another aspect and the longest side or the hypotenuse represents the offspring or child of the combining sides.  So the combination of sides produces a new concept, or new life, or child symbolically speaking.

The triangle is key in creation and creativity and brings harmony to any situation when understood.  Each corner of the triangle holds a tone or an element that together creates a harmonic symphony.

Life becomes a sacred mathematical equation when we recognise the triangles in our lives.  The triangle is everywhere; in nature, in life, connecting points within our bodies, in our relationships.  If we look at the equations that are presented to us by the triangles in our life, we can find answers to all our mysteries.

I am seeking to understand the triangle connections in my life, hoping to unravel deeper mysteries to why certain relationships are as they are and in that understanding always comes growth and expansion to greater realms of consciousness.

Pythagoras was the master to the mysteries of sacred mathematics, but it has been said that with the death of Pythagoras the great key to this science was lost.  Much of the mysteries he taught were not written down and were passed on orally.  Thereby when those who held the sacred mysteries died, so too did the wisdom they knew go with them.  Today the mysteries are beginning to be unraveled but as with much of the sacred hidden mysteries the answers are within ourselves.

Do what I did, write your story, then seek out the triangle…… they are often hidden within the ordinary day to day experience.

Go find the triangles in your life and begin to unravel the mysteries….

Infinite Blessings


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12:12 Evolutionary Leap

12:12 Evolutionary Leap

12:12 Evolutionary Leap

I’m not enjoying December, not one little bit.  I had my astrology chart done a few months back and if I remember rightly the Chart said come December I would be met with some pretty big challenges, squabbles within the family, but Christmas would turn out OK.  I don’t do squabbles well.  I’m Pisces you see and I have a Taurean moon, this means I’m about as easy going as they get but when I get upset or if I have to go hard on someone, I am the one who suffers.  I suffer because it is so out of alignment with who I am.  My natural instinct is she’ll be right mate and let it all find it’s own sync.  But sometimes things don’t turn out that way.  You know the person, that be me, that puts up with everything for years and years and years and then all of a sudden snap, just not putting up with it any more.  Just a few moments of reaction and I suffer energetically for days.  That’s happened to me and I am not handling it well…. that damn astrology chart, well I guess it’s not the astrology charts fault, it’s that damn astrology – that be me!  At least I know Christmas will turn out ok, or so it said.

Apparently after that January is a whirlwind of rushing chaos and that I guess will be because I’m going to be moving and leaving for a life unknown, to the great unknown, somewhere.  We shall have to wait and see, but I have been forewarned.  Forewarned is forearmed or so they say.  Being forewarned didn’t do me so well with December !

New Moon and Chiron in Pisces

We entered the new moon phase yesterday and apparently Chiron is in Pisces opposing Jupiter.  I’m no astrologer but Chiron reminds us of our wounds and given it’s in Pisces I would guess that means we are more susceptible.  In one post I read it was reminding us that even the most picture perfect people have bad days, so hey, I shouldn’t beat myself up too much.

I like to look at what I can learn from my emotions so I can rise above them and assist others to do the same when it comes their time.  I don’t like to shut the feeling off, I tend to go into it and really go to the depth of it.  In so doing it conjures up dreams trying to relay messages through my subconscious mind.

Leap of Faith from Outer Space

Last night I dreamed I was in outer space and I had to jump.  It was scary because I couldn’t see where I would be jumping, I just knew I had to jump.  So I jumped and I was trying really hard to steer myself throughout the jump so I could find a safe place to land.  All of a sudden I saw my son standing on a piece of earth but it wasn’t much bigger than a 2 ft radius just floating in space.  Heart heart skipped a beat and there was nothingness below us.  I saw a building just floating by with railings surrounding it’s balcony.  I grabbed at the railings and held on for dear life crying out for help so I could reach my son and pull him in to safety.

I understand the leap of faith and I know I have one coming, I’m just trying to figure out why my son was there also.  I think he needs to know, that no matter where I jump, he can come too and I’ll always make sure he’s ok.

I woke up sick to the gut and it stayed with me all day.  I couldn’t meet my commitments for the day and I certainly didn’t feel like writing a blog.  I will not let myself down by not meeting this 30 day blog challenge though.  We are almost there at day 26, so as the evening starts to fade and the hours are slipping away, I noticed the date 12:12.

12:12 Quantum Gateway

12:12 symbolised an Evolutionary Leap and I realised my dreams are indeed talking sense not non-sense to me.  A quantum leap in consciousness choosing a new pathway, an unknown pathway. The unknown is always likely to bring a feeling of either elation and excitement or a feeling of anxiety.  Two weeks I felt excitement at the decisions I was making.  Now all of a sudden I’m feeling the opposite.  I think I allowed the upsets to taint my clear channel that was readying itself to make this 12:12 quantum leap toward something better.  I allowed limitation into my consciousness simply by allowing another’s limiting beliefs about my pathway to unsettle me.

12:12 is a call to service to the betterment of mankind and earth and opens a gateway to Freedom.

12:12 is a completion gateway, passing away from the old and into the new higher consciousness.  There is no room for the old limiting pattern of consciousness.  All of a sudden I knew why I was feeling so robbed of my power.  I had allowed another to place me within their own limiting beliefs and because of who it was it rocked my world.  I was not respected or accepted for being who I Am.

I remembered the words that came to me on waking this morning

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Of course they couldn’t.  Only I can put myself together again.  And the only way to put myself together again is to understand why I fell.  I understand why I fell.  I understand the quantum leap I am being asked to make.  I understand that leap of faith into an evolutionary change triggered by this new moon and this 12:12 Gateway can only take place if I leave those old limiting wounds behind me.

Just jump!

Those who are ready to jump will come with me.

This 12:12 is another opportunity for us to receive our gifts if we are ready and willing to receive.  But we can’t take the old with us.  The old out-dated systems must go.  Today we should align our own personal pyramids in readiness to receive the higher ascension frequencies.  We can receive this if we intend during any 12:12 time slots or when we see the 12:12.

We only need to intend.

Time is an illusion anyway.  It doesn’t matter if you think you missed the boat.  Your boat will arrive when you are ready.  Take note when you see 12:12, this is your boat arriving for you to open and receive.  Be in intent.

And remember there are many boats, you don’t have to take just one, take as many as you can.  With Quantum Leaps there is no limitation!

Free Meditation Below

12:12:12 Meditation

To Infinity and beyond


Spiritual Heart Day

Spiritual Heart Day

Spiritual Heart Day

It was an emotional day for me today feeling the closeness of Christmas, the first Christmas without either of my parents and saying goodbye to my daughter yesterday at the airport.  I always feel a lot of emotion around special dates, probably because I have this idea in my head about how it will all play out and of course it never goes according to the relay in my mind.

Lucky for me, I have a 17 year old son who is my healer, my angel, my calm amidst the storm.  We went shopping together to buy crystals for his girlfriend for Christmas.

A Crystal among crystals and me.

I came home and read my Colour a Day post noting that today is a Green day,  a day to bring balance and harmony if you allow yourself to be in-tune with it.  When I read the post, I could have been writing about the qualities of my son.  He certainly brings balance to me.

I didn’t feel inspired to write today this Day #25 of the Blog Challenge, so I chose this…

Today reads –

Green Day 40/4

Spiritual love for all mankind, this is what you are asked to contemplate today.  Is your heart open and are you sharing that love with humanity?  This Love is beyond human Love, this Love is Universal, this Love is Source Love.  Just open you heart spread your arms wide, lift your head up and receive.  

Focus your heart energy to the world and direct that heart energy to reach far and wide.  

The Colours for today are Green and White

Spiritual Heart Day Dedication

I dedicate this Spiritual Heart day to all who will miss loved ones at Christmas and to all those who don’t have anyone to share this time of the year with.

I dedicate this Spiritual Heart Day to remembering others through their heartache and pain.

I dedicate this Spiritual Heart Day to all need a hug, a smile, a touch, a caring word, a kindness.

I dedicate this Spiritual Heart Day to everyone who has lost someone and is grieving or lonely.

I acknowledge you

I open my heart to you

I dedicate this Spiritual Heart Day to all of you.

May you feel the Love that is sent with the power of the intention that it is sent.

Your Affirmation for today
I am open to the Great Love of the Universe and as I receive I will always remember to share that Love with others.



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